Management of teams and assessment of candidates in recruitment processes


Access the neurocognitive profile for intelligent decision-making


Identifying the ideal candidate for each position in a company is not always easy.


Both headhunter and recruitment companies, as well as persons in charge of human resources are only too aware of this.


Companies around the world are implementing new techniques that support and improve recruitment processes, driven by research in the field of neuroscience.


Maybe you ask yourself these questions too…


Does the candidate truly identify him/herself with the company’s project?


Is there a mutual understanding between the candidate and his or her future supervisor?


Is the candidate attracted to the company and the values it represents?


Is he or she authentic, or is it just a pretence?


We help you detect which candidate has real potential and who will have a positive impact on the organisation, its leaders and the other members of the work team.


Let’s be honest. Scientific precision marks the difference.

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Scientific rigour marks the difference.

Which candidate for a particular job has more real potential?