Strategic brand positioning through neuronal analysis


An identity which is unique, relevant and vital for forward-looking brands


It is no secret that your brand is your company’s most important asset.


A strong brand ensures that consumers consider your products to be must-haves.


We help you understand two aspects…

  • How the market perceives your brand
  • The emotions provoked by the brand and how it stands out from the rest


We identify the semantic attributes that define the perception of a brand and assess whether they are exclusive or shared by other brands. We will give you the strength to switch from generic to unique.


This is made possible by cutting-edge neuronal analysis technology.


We select the most effective and creative alternative to develop your brand’s design or the name of a certain product by testing different options.


Discover how potential customers actually perceive your brand, and be sure to trigger the response you desire. It’s all in the mind.


Getting started is easier than you think.

Other services offered by Brainvestigations
  • Posicionamiento estratégico de marca mediante análisis neuronal
    Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Análisis de Campañas Publicitarias
    Advertising Campaign Analysis
  • Estrategia de precios
    Pricing Strategy
  • Análisis de Producto en Punto de Venta
    Point-of-Sale Product Analysis
  • Investigamos la compatibilidad real del embalaje en la mente del consumidor
    Packaging Analysis
  • Posicionamiento Estratégico de Producto
    Strategic Product Positioning

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