Strategic product positioning


Test your products and reduce the risk of your investment


Companies make a great effort to sell their products or services on markets with fierce competition.


Does this sound familiar to you? An enormous offering, ever lower prices, stronger brands and greater sales options.


We propose an analysis and strategic consultancy service to ensure your company clearly understands its true situation on the market, and how your products or services are positioned.


As perception is hugely important, we analyse the brain’s response to different stimuli. Our product tests are based on information from the brain to ascertain your customers’ real preferences when buying a product.


Imagine having an accurate and reliable response to these essential questions…


What do my customers really think about my product?

  • What about my potential customers?
  • Is the market image of my product in line with my marketing strategy?
  • Does it allow me to implement my business plan with guaranteed results?
  • Can I sell at the price I want and be competitive, and can my product be noticed in these conditions?
  • How is my product positioned compared to competitors?


We outline an action plan to develop the real positioning of your products in order to reach a specific target.


This could surprise you.

Other services offered by Brainvestigations
  • Posicionamiento estratégico de marca mediante análisis neuronal
    Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Análisis de Campañas Publicitarias
    Advertising Campaign Analysis
  • Estrategia de precios
    Pricing Strategy
  • Análisis de Producto en Punto de Venta
    Point-of-Sale Product Analysis
  • Investigamos la compatibilidad real del embalaje en la mente del consumidor
    Packaging Analysis
  • Posicionamiento Estratégico de Producto
    Strategic Product Positioning


This could surprise you.