The criteria behind the decision to buy

The best way to be effective in sales is to identify the criteria used by your target audience in the decision to buy the product, in order to later influence that decision.


Our research shows that we have the ability to identify semantic attributes with 83% efficacy, which allows us to scientifically weigh the criteria for buying used by your clients.


How do we do it?Using behavior, we identify possible motives for buying your product, service, or brand. Then we analyze the brain activity of your target using stimuli associated with each of these motives.

Strategic brand positioning

Your brand is your company’s most important asset. A strong brand can make a company´s products and services irresistible to consumers.


We help you understand how the market perceives your brand, what feelings it evokes, and how it distinguishes itself from other.


We identify semantic attributes that define the perception of a brand and evaluate if they are shared by other brands or not.


… All of this is possible thanks to our advanced neuronal analysis technology.

Product and service positioning

We recommend our analysis and strategic consulting services so that companies can clearly understand the market they are operating in and how to position their products and services.


We analyze clients’ cerebral response to different stimuli and to product tests in order to obtain cerebral behavior information, thereby uncovering their true preferences.

… And we help you design your action plan.


One of the biggest challenges for any company is selling its products and services at the right price to maximize profit, and it’s the clients who hold the decision to buy in their hands.


They link price to product, to the value of the brand and to many other options on the market. At the end of the day, it’s the client who decides if the price is “right on.”


We help analyze how the market sees your price policy and better it. We measure how much your clients are really willing to pay by analyzing the magnetic fields the brain emits.


Identify what is creating the rift between your price and best price as defined by the consumer.