Neuroscience applied to the business world

Discover the motivations, tastes and preferences that sustain the decision-making processes of your customers, employees, suppliers or competitors.

This is quite something.


Imagine having access to highly valuable information for your company’s tactical and strategic decision-making process that was impossible to obtain until now.


We are the only company in the world that uses Magnetoencephalography (MEG) to study brain activity with applications in the business world.


We analyse brain stimuli, to which end we have the exclusive support of one of the most prestigious research centres in the world, the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, belonging to the Biomedical Technology Centre CTB of the Technical University of Madrid.


We accompany you in the management of exclusive knowledge, in the comprehension and identification of the meaning of things for people. It can be the products, the brands, the prices…


And we do so with absolute scientific validity.

Proven effectiveness in obtaining and analysing relevant information

The future begins here. Connect to consumers’ innermost desires.


We place scientific research at your company’s service so you can discover the motivations, tastes and preferences behind the decision-making processes of your customers, employees, suppliers or competitors.


The results are validated by a team of scientists and researchers from the Biomedical Technology Centre (CTB) of Universidad Politécnica in Madrid.


We go far beyond what is plainly visible.

The essence that sets us apart from the rest
We provide key information

We promote innovation

We achieve epic results

We strive for precision

We transfer scientific knowledge

Neuroscience at your fingertips

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