We are a consulting group whose added value is the scientific basis for their work. We help companies make strategic decisions for their business, transforming uncertain situations into areas of certainty.


How do we do it?

We apply cognitive neuroscience paradigms to business.

obtaining information directly from the brains of your clients using magnetoencephalography.

analyzing it with the most advanced AI technology available.

At Brainvestigations, we use these techniques in collaboration with the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the the Complutense University of Madrid – UCM


Step 1

analysis of the situation

Step 2

strategic vivsion and objectives

Step 3

Definition of the service and the paradigm

Step 4

Carrying out the project

Step 5

The report

Step 6

Business recommendations

Step 7

Decisions and implementation

Step 8

Follow up, further challenges, and objectives

What’s the press saying?