Advertising campaign analysis


With what criteria are you going to choose the best version of your adverts?


It is not surprising that companies invest heavily in advertising campaigns with a view to improve sales revenue.  However, the expected results are not always achieved.


We want to take you a step forward in developing your advertising campaigns, while adapting ourselves according to your needs so that you can meet your goals. To be a great deal more effective.


Forget about intuition and start using scientifically-proven information that is sure to help you make the right decisions.


We will help you define the most suitable advertising campaign, both from a creative perspective and with regards to the messages to be conveyed.


Our advertising effectiveness tests based on neuroimaging technology and functional connectivity models will ensure you know which creative proposals attract your potential customers, and which messages to be conveyed are in line with your company’s brand and product strategy.


You will gain an insight into your customers’ minds and how to integrate a strategic approach in buyer-decision processes as a way to maximise profit from your advertising campaigns.


Be amazed by the return on your next advertising campaign.

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