Pricing Strategy


Be confident in knowing the price that your customers are willing to pay


Clearly one of the most important challenges facing any company is to sell its products or services at the ideal price to maximise profit.


And the decision to buy is in customers’ hands.


Customers associate the price with the product, with brand value and with many other market options. In the end, it comes down to the customer to decide if the price is “right”.


Do your information systems really work well?


Don’t let yourself be fooled. Remember that the decision to buy depends on your customers.


We help companies like yours to analyse how the market perceives your pricing policy and to define which policy is the most suitable. We measure your customers’ real willingness to pay by analysing the magnetic fields emitted naturally by the brain.


You will discover whether the price you have set for a certain product actually meets customers’ expectations or if it far exceeds what they are willing to pay.


Using this price analysis, we will show you how to identify what is causing this difference between the sale price and the price perceived as most suitable by consumers.


Perhaps your customers are willing to pay more than you think.

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Maybe your customers are more willing to spend than you think.