Point-of-sale product analysis


Promote sales and get your customers involved


There are many good reasons to analyse product presentation at the point of sale.


The way a product is presented to consumers in a shop window or store display can have a big impact on sales.


We help our customers to evaluate different ways of displaying their products at the point of sale.


Your company will know which advertising design consumers prefer beforehand, based on scientific-based results.


If you are looking for a paradigm shift, we can help you promote sales at a lower cost, with minimum risk and a significant quantitative increase in earnings by accurately identifying which products go unnoticed by customers.


We go far beyond what meets the eye.

Other services offered by Brainvestigations
  • Posicionamiento estratégico de marca mediante análisis neuronal
    Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Análisis de Campañas Publicitarias
    Advertising Campaign Analysis
  • Estrategia de precios
    Pricing Strategy
  • Análisis de Producto en Punto de Venta
    Point-of-Sale Product Analysis
  • Investigamos la compatibilidad real del embalaje en la mente del consumidor
    Packaging Analysis
  • Posicionamiento Estratégico de Producto
    Strategic Product Positioning


We go far beyond what is seen